VoiceOver Miami is one of America's earliest voice talent resources.

To find the voice you need quickly, easily, our third decade of covering Florida with top voices and top choices means you contact the talents directly for commercials, industrials, narrations, on-hold messages and all voice-over needs. Only Florida-based and Florida associated vo pros with top talents, highest standards are on VoiceOver Miami. Use us when voice recording, or grabacion as they say in Spanish. Other languages too. We have voices and voces, actors and actores, talents and talentos, narrators and narradores, announcers and locutores. Using exclusive techno-features for faster casting makes VoiceOver Miami numero uno para voces en espanol. English, Spanish and other languages, here in Florida's premier VO talent showcase. VoiceOver Miami is quick and convenient to use, with Florida-based and Florida associated vo pros. VoiceOver Miami is covering Florida with 150+ pro Florida voice actors, meaning you'll find your voice-choice fast. Most studio-equipped. Remember: Faster casting and strictly true, pro talents - always! For your voice-over production.

We have voiceover talent from all around Florida, and besides voice talent in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, we generally have voice talent in West Palm Beach, voice talent in Tampa, voice talent in Jacksonville, voice talent in Sarasota, voice talent in Orlando, voice talent in Daytona Beach, voice talent in Gainesville, voice talent in Melbourne, voice talent in Panama City, and voice talent in Tallahassee.

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